“Nyaay ka widhan ho sabka haq saman ho
sabki apni ho jamin sabka asaman ho”

the rural friend

Saathi Samaj Sevi Sanstha

Saathi is a non-governmental organisation working with the vulnerable communities of Bastar, Chhattisgarh, in helping them live a life with dignity. It focuses on issues of craft-based livelihoods, health, education, and accessibility to essential services in the Left Wing Extremism (LWE)-affected regions. We primarily began by addressing the exploitation faced by the artisan communities on multiple levels. With time, our work has spread across various themes depending on the community’s critical needs.

Our Vision & Mission

Saathi envisions creating an exploitation-free, sustainable and self-sufficient rural community.

To work towards a society where poor and landless people can earn a dignified living out of their traditional livelihood systems. At Saathi, we realise that empowerment is a multi-pronged approach. So we expanded our horizons and started focusing on the holistic development of communities.

Our History

‘Saathi’ was born when three young people Bhupesh Tiwari, Late Bhupendra Banchhore and Harilal Bharadwaj, met while they were studying together in Gramoday Sangh, Bhadrawati, Maharashtra. During their studies, they embarked on a journey across India, where they realised that artisans with remarkable skills lacked respect and were not paid according to their skill sets. This eventually forced artisans to adopt other means of livelihood to earn their living, which not only a massive loss of their creative potential but also leaves them more vulnerable to exploitation.

Thus, with this realisation and the social work ideals of their Guru, Late Shri S.K Mirimira, Dr SN Subbarao and the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi and J.C Kumarappa, they stepped up for the empowerment of artisans. This brought them to Bastar and after five years of groundwork and trust-building with the community, they formed Saathi. At the heart of the movement was the idea of friendship. The bond that not only shared amongst themselves but wished to share with the community of Bastar and eventually help them to elevate their lives.

Guiding Lights of



We are transparent about our values and policies, our failures and mistakes and openly share our ideas and knowledge and financial statement with all internal and external stakeholders.


We deliver what we have promised. We take responsibility for our own actions and outcomes. We are responsible for ourselves, the organization and all stakeholders in community fairness. We put in the time and resources required to make a just and equitable decision for all.


We are committed to honesty, accountability and transparency in all our endeavours.


We will work with everyone regardless of race, gender, age, creed or nationality, colour, political affiliation, gender or belief.

Gender Sensitivity

Ensuring gender differences are taken into account at all levels in policies, programs and behaviours and strengthening the process of social inclusion.
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Shri. Harilal Bhardwaj


Smt. Khodin Bai

Vice President

Shri Narendra Chakradhari


Rajesh Verma


Shri. Pramod Potai

Project Manager

Shri. Ajay Baidh

Wash Associate

Shri. Krishna Kumbhkar

Account Head

Smt. Prabha Kumbhkar


Nisha Nishad


Ashok Chakradhari


Dr. Ratna Verma


Shreeti Biswas

Management Information System Officer